Elements Optimal

The playful and elegant mirror Ice Cream – this can only make you smile!

I love to meet creative souls who share their passion with the rest of us. One design brand that consist of both talent and dedication is Elements Optimal created by the couple Tor Servé and Nicole Vitner Servé. I’m already in love with their product range that right now consist of tables, mirrors and a childrens chair but undeniably will expand fast and sound.

All products are made with respect for the strong traditions of Danish craftsmanship and are a mix of designs by Tor and Nicole and by innovative and talented individuals from around the world. Take a look at my favorites.


Jeg elsker at møde kreative sjæle, der deler deres passion med resten af os. Et design brand, der både består af en god portion talent og engagement er Elements Optimal, grundlagt af parret Tor Servé og Nicole Vitner Servé. Jeg er allerede forelsket i deres produktsortiment, der lige nu består af borde, spejle og en sød stol til børneværelset, men som uden tvivl stødt vil vokse sig større og større.

Alle produkter er fremstillet med respekt for de stærke traditioner i dansk håndværk og er et mix af design af Tor og Nicole og af innovative designere fra hele verden. Tag et kig på mine favoritter.

So Table designed by Tsukasa Goto. The expression is a mixture of past and present and the material a combination of fine Premium Grade Travertine plate and Poplar Plywood.


 EO. Balloons_1106
This is a mirror I need to own! Balloon mirror that has a stick of oak.


UP TABLE office 300 dpi
Up Table is handcrafted from fine European Oak. It’s classic and beautiful.



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