Hang it up


I have a handfull of favoerites when it comes to cloth racks. When Martin moved in he brought his Hay Loop Stand Wardrobe that does the job perfectly all right with its simple expression that dosen’t make too much noise in the our bedroom. However we might replace it if we move so here are some I definitely would consider. Have a great weekend!


Jeg har en håndfuld favoritter, når det handler om tøjstativer. Da Martin flyttede ind hos mig tog han sin Hay Loop Stand Wardrobe med sig, hvilket har fungeret godt i soveværelset med det simple udtryk, der på ingen måde råber op og forstyrrer i rummet. Vi overvejer dog, om vi burde skifte det ud, når/hvis vi flytter. Måske bliver det et af de her…ha’ en fantastisk weekend!


Ferm Living



Normann Copenhagen


jakob jørgensen
Jakob Jørgensen




2 thoughts on “Hang it up

  1. I love these! I wish I was neat enough to actually pull one of these off, but I guess I’m more of a “close-the-closet-and-conceal-the-mess” kind of person! What tricks do you have to keep it looking neat and stylish? Or does that just work on its own…?

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